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SAP Machine Translation with post-editing

By Luca
A translator's perspective. AI and Machine Learning are gaining relevance in the daily life of translators, and SAP linguists have always been at the forefront of computer-aided translation. The idea of machine translation, which is a form of AI and, in its neuronal version, leverages machine learning, is not a new endeavour within SAP, a company that embraced machine translation from the early days (from rule-based machine translation and statistical machine translation to neural machine translation). Machine Translation (MT) has been saluted as the go-to solution where it is necessary to support high volumes of non-communication-critical content, where the source language can be standardised to a high level, leaving little space for interpretation, synonymity, and ambiguity, and where quality is not an issue and out-of-the-box translation quality is sufficient for gisting.
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The benefits of the TPMO Pricing ModeL

By manusim
Looking for a SMART pricing model for your SAP translation project? The Translation Performance Monitor is a very useful SAP R/3 transaction for almost all system translation projects (ABAP). It details precisely how many strings were translated within a system translation project while matching their content against pre-existing content. It offers a fair and just pricing model based on the real translation effort and not the estimated overall volume in the SLLS transaction (statistics). True, some older ERP releases do not offer this transaction, but the TPMO is usually available, and if it is, it is highly advisable to use it. It is generally available from the NetWeaver release 7.0 upwards.
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