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ILT is a SAP Partner for SAP Translation Services since 2010,  a certified SAP Preferred Vendor since 2007, and a SAP Vendor since 1996

Millions of words translated in SAP systems so far are a guarantee for the success of your language project. We can support you with offices in the UK, Italy and Germany and offer you a complete language solution through our ASAP Globalizers association: a one-stop-shop for all your SAP translation requirements.




SAP Translation in SE63

Not sure about how to proceed? We can help you decide if, when, and how much to translate, and take care of all that is technical behind it.


Other SAP Products

Different SAP Products require a different approach and different tools. As a tool agnostic company, we will use what we think is best to support your endeavour, with a view to productivity and cost efficiency.


SAP Translation Hub for Cloud Apps

SAP Translation Hub is a tool developed to allow a customer or developer to populate and translate the app UIs in a semi-automated way. It is not a translation tool. In order to use it, you need a SAP Cloud Licence. We can advise you on how to deploy it and on how to design the post-editing and QA steps.

See what STH can do: please remember that post-editing is essential


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