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SAP Translation and Localization

Started in 1996, SAP Partner since 2010, always evolving.

We care about your language project. And so far, have translated millions of words within SAP systems. We are part of ASAP Globalizers, and can support you with complete language solutions, in-country support, and technical consultancy.

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SAP Translation in SE63
ABAP Translation

Not sure about how to proceed? We can help you decide if, when, and how much to translate.
We will take care of all that is technical behind words within the SAP translation environment.
Are you migrating to the cloud? We can help you update your multilingual contents to the ERP version required for the transition to the cloud to ease your migration process.

SAP Translation Basics in a page

CMS language support by lawyer-linguists
International marketing services

Localizing SAP developments goes beyond software. We have the skills and knowledge to help you with International Compliance Documentation and Legal translation services, international digital marketing content and language support (14 languages) with in-country presence, and online remote simultaneous interpreting assistance for your meetings on Zoom (with platform hire).



SAP Translation Hub Service

We can help you integrate the richness of the SAP linguistic experience into your SAP language project.
SAP Translation Hub is a tool developed to allow a customer or developer to populate and translate the app UIs in a semi-automated way.  As well as deploy UIs in other langauges. But not only. We can advise you on how to deploy it, help you with the set up, run and evaluate the machine translation, review and score the output and if you so wish, jazz up your UIs to make them unique and aligned to your brand.

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