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I am a strategy and development manager with more than two decades experience as a lawyer-linguist, project manager and managing director in the translation and localization industry. My specialty is to lead company without a localization department or strategy to “localization maturity”, achieving overall savings through project optimization, within a broader globalization strategy.
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Foreign Language uptake in British Schools

01-Aug-2018 11:12:54 / by manusim posted in Foreign Language Teaching


Knowing a foreign language certainly has an economic value. But the uptake of foreign languages in British schools is declining.

As Willy Brand correctly put it, “If I’m selling to you, I speak your language. If I’m buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen!”.

An axiom, whose validity I experience time and again when I look for things online offered only by a website written in a language I do not understand. I leave empty-handed, reminiscent of a “linguistic trauma” suffered in my teens. During my first attempt to explore the world, I landed in a Greek supermarket, ravenous and thirsty. And what did I buy? Very little. Why? I could not understand the labels and felt terrible. You might say it is part of the experience. But I ended up in a restaurant, spending much more than I should have done, and experimenting first-hand the economic consequences of not speaking a language.  Since then, I became a linguist, translator and interpreter. And although conscious that the number of languages by far exceeds what a human being may ever master, I know for certain that knowing a few of them is very advantageous.

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Content globalisation: how to localize your Hubspot marketing content with ILT

09-May-2018 16:27:51 / by manusim posted in Multilingual Strategy


First, determine which content to release for a foreign market. Then decide how you want it adapted or rewritten. Finally, execute your strategy by leveraging our expertise and technology. Easy.

Hubspot is an inbound marketing platform that delivers your content to customers in an unobtrusive way. You publish for your audience to read; some might find it useful and subscribe to your posts, so you can keep them in the loop with new information or product offers. You know who is interested in what: it’s a win-win solution, putting your business in touch with a wider audience, and giving that audience improved exposure to your business.

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Should I translate my Website with Google Translate?

31-Jan-2018 18:43:53 / by manusim


For something so important as the copy on your website, leaving translation to chance can be akin to entering a car rally race with one tyre coming lose before you start. In short, it’s a big risk.


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SAP Translation: optimise your approach

08-Nov-2017 14:40:15 / by manusim posted in SAP Translation


If you are serious about saving money on your SAP Translation projects, look out for an intelligent approach that incorporates technical knowledge and experience from an SAP Language Services Partner. A simple cost-per-word model might not be the best option in every situation.

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